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The timeline split
I found an interesting theory that the timeline could have split in 2012 and this is the lower vibration timeline.

Another interesting comment I stumbled upon:

Quote:It's more like a consciousness within a consciousness within a consciousness.
It's not that we died - Those with higher vibrations didn't change, but those with lower vibrations did. They did not notice but we did.
In the end, we'll be surrounded by brain dead animals and that's not even an overstatement.
Hi, new to these forums. Here is a post I put on Reddit a little while ago. I spent the past 2 hours trying to find an active ME forum and this seems to be the one with the most recent posts. I'm not a big fan of Reddit.

Quote:A little background on myself: I get annual physicals and exercise regularly and am in good physical condition. In mid-July 2018, I got dizzy, so dizzy I felt as if I'd fall over. At the same time, I started feeling tingling in my extremities and feeling detached from reality. I had to sit down right away and felt I was about to faint! In case it was nutritional, I quickly ate an orange and then a salad with chicken with two liters of water. The feeling took about 30-minutes to subside and I felt sick all day after. I remembered that the day before that and earlier that morning, I felt off, tingly all over like I could walk/phase through solid material objects. I asked a doctor about it, and after a checkup, there was nothing wrong with me. After that, I heard my father mention his wife couldn't get out of bed, she was feeling so dizzy, but wasn't sick. He told me my grandma felt the same, and my aunt. My father chalked it up to some virus going around, but this wasn't the first time recently I had felt like all my molecules were excited and if I concentrated hard enough, that I'd phase into another existence! Also, that was the first time I'd visited him in weeks. Today, I had the experience again where I felt I was about to faint! I looked it up today, dizziness and Mandela Effect, and found out an alarmingly high number of people who suffer Mandela Effects seems to suffer dizziness or tinnitus inexplicably. I watched an insane video on YouTube from posts on 4chan where someone was supposedly leaking truths about the Mandela Effect and what caught my attention was how when time lines were being altered (on purpose), the ones altering it couldn't stop people from remembering the past and having headaches and getting dizzy. So, has anyone else had similar effects they believe are related to Mandela Effects?

How does this mix with your theory? I've been watching videos on quantum jumping through realities and Steven Hawkins theory of the multi-verse. In a nutshell, theory states there are infinite realities. Ancient history from the Tablets of Thoth and Sumerian Tablets, and Book of Enoch talk about levels of vibrations. So, what if there are multiple universes as Steven Hawkins suggested, however they are on different vibration levels, different hertz? If the person from 4chan isn't lying, then perhaps technology has been developed to allow those frequencies to be breached and realities from those possible universes pulled into this one to create a new reality. But for what purpose? The person from 4chan suggested we were given a larger liver due to the extra toxins in our atmosphere. TBH, global warming seems to have really taken off starting from 2012 from what I've seen, so maybe there's something to it, but this person suggested that in this particular universe, there was an extinction level event. In my reality, I don't recall anything significant happening in 2012 whatsoever. It doesn't make any sense to me. Thoughts?