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JC Penny Residuals
By nathanielhebert

Quote:While doing research, I used to be able to find 1.5 million matches for a JC PENNY query on, although last night, suddenly that number dipped to 38,000. Taking a closer look, there was an entirely new batch of residual evidence for JC PENNY that I had never stumbled across before.

These are all screenshots of artifacts originating from JC Penny itself; advertisements, products, catalogs, "Help Wanted" ads, etc, many with the actual JC PENNY logo still present! No mis-remembering, or mis-quoting at the hands of a journalist; these are from the horse's proverbial mouth![email protected]/page1

For the record, I'm 51 and grew up right next to a JCPenny.
Never have I seen anything marked:  JCPENNY, until your post.
I think its interesting that One of the ads in the residue you posted has a website for JcPenny: which redirects to

Personally I can't say for certain if I remember it as JC Penny, or JCPenney as it is now. Is it possible that the company just changed the name?