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Realization of the Mandela Effect
Hey everyone.

I need to start off with saying, around 2008-9 I got really paranoid about the internet for reasons I can't explain, and deleted most of my online profiles. Essentially I have been offline for the most part since then up to last summer. For some reason I am compelled to share this specific information.

I am pretty new to the Mandela Effect concept, and I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed. I've noticed weird things over the last few years, for sure, but never really thought much of any of it and thinking back, I can't come up with specific examples. I have felt different all around, such as things around me are different, the people in my life act different, things I can't explain.

After watching some Youtube videos with the examples of changes, things started to make sense.

(My mind is all over the place and my thoughts are scattered, so I apologize about the lack of order in my post.)

I was watching a Youtube video about how geography has changed and that struck a big chord. I recall being taught in school about South America being under North America, and remember learning Australia being much more south and secluded and I also remember the Arctic Polar Ice Cap, which appears to be gone.

I have NELSON'S CANADIAN SCHOOL ATLAS (1958) which was my Dad's from school. Probably not the best resource, but I was shocked to see that there is no Arctic Ice Cap mentioned, Australia isn't so south and secluded, and the NW bulge of South America sits way east past Florida.

I can understand people photoshopping and manipulating images of maps on the internet, but to see these inconsistencies between my memory and what I learned in the 80's and these changes in a book from 1958, which hasn't been opened in many, many years just blew my mind.

I have another thought about the Ice Cap that is bothering me that involves the "Hallow Earth Theory."

1) It doesn't auto populate in Google like it used to.

2) There used to be a satellite image that showed the Polar Cap that had a pretty big indent in the middle - that was the "hole" to get inside, but that image is "missing" or at least I don't see it in my search results.

There are similar images to the one I am thinking about, but not the famous one I am thinking of.

Another anomaly that has completely weirded me out over the last few days that I can't get of my head is that as I got the atlas I mentioned earlier, I found a high school yearbook from 1977 beside it. I thought it would be fun to look through it. There happens to be a picture of a bunch of flags, and the Union Jack is the closest. It looked funny to me. I remember when London hosted the Olympics the flag looked different, but assumed it was changed recently. Turns out the current Union Jack has been around since 1801. I remember the diagonal red to form an X in the middle of the white diagonal, corner to corner, which isn't what it looks like now. The Union Jack has changed on all the flags that have one on it (eg.Ontario, Australia, New Zealand...)

It was after that discovery by my own, that I saw another Mandela Effect video what that same example of changes.

My question is: when did this happen? I had surgery in 2004 and that's when I can recall having thoughts like, "no, that didn't happen" or "that doesn't sound/look right!" Is that around when everything changed?