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Chevrolet is the new Cheverolet
It's been a few more days since my discovery and realization of the Mandela Effect. Shortly after this post, somewhere I read that someone noticed that Cheverolet has changed, so I spent many hours researching this for myself.

I used to work for GM and OnStar and I would read and type ”Cheverolet” many times during the day. I noticed the logo changed a few years ago, and chalked it up to re-branding, as companies sometimes do (I'm sure Coca-Cola has had its history changed as well, but can't find a lot of evidence to back this up). I never paid much attention to the spelling, as “Chevrolet” isn’t usually bold on the rear of vehicles.

I started searching (on Google, and DuckDuckGo) for Cheverolet and couldn’t believe that the only results coming back were for ”Chevrolet.” Then I searched the history of Chevrolet (and logo) and Cheverolet wasn’t listed at all, and looking up models that I used to work with didn’t come back with any hits either. I tried a Google search of Cheverolet -Chevrolet and managed to find after market accessories and such, I even found a dealership! but finding ONLY ONE dealership with “Cheverolet” in the name was odd in itself. I admit I didn’t go through ALL of Google’s returns, just a few pages, but I was beyond confused at this point.

Back in the day, I used the website all the time to cross reference information, so my next search was there. I went to the Recall section and searched “Cheverolet” and no results were found. “Chevrolet” on the other hand, yielded 3822 results.

As I am typing this post, all but one "Cheverolet" has the spell check red line, and "Chevrolet" does not. It's weird and tripping me out.

In my last post, I indicated that the geography and Union Jack were what started this realization for me. Well, this Cheverolet thing has solidified any doubts in this phenomenon.

Is there anyone else who remembers Cheverolet?
Yes, it was "Cheverolet". Definitely!