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Simulated Universes

Is Our Universe Someone Else´s Simulaton?

A man enters a portal in Lake Titicaca, Peru, and is transported to a featureless white room in another world outside our universe, where after explaining where he had come from, a sort of receptionist told him that our universe was a simulation inside theirs, that it had been created in order to explain the nature of the creator´s own universe, but that it had rapidly evolved outside of their control. Our universe was "pinned" in order to prevent its continued growth and evolution. These creators had discovered they themselves were living in the simulation of a yet higher level of reality. These creators had used something like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and they had created a "white hole".
There exist many portals in our universe into which scientists from that universe come to study our reality, and some of the inhabitants from this universe had been able to travel to the creator universe.
Similar to the movie "The 13th Floor".
Awesome thread post! Thanks for the video link and the description! :)